Pinyen Creative Inc. | 小憩。茶壺 禮盒組 Take Breath Pot Set
透過品研文創的創業理念,來詮釋【越在地,越時尚,有故事的台灣好品。】 以在地化的幽默輕鬆的設計手法,來呈現台灣的美學場域與文化產物。 我們就是秉持著『輕設計』的理念和在地文化一起生活。將會透過【小旅行 微學習輕設計慢文化】的方式來享受我們的好生活。
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小憩。茶壺 禮盒組 Take Breath Pot Set

When days are not as smooth as expected, why not take-a-break

About This Project



The initial design philosophy of the take breath teapot is to facilitate users’ travel to various places. With the design of a pot and a cup, it is easy to take along, enabling you to enjoy a period of relaxing and leisure tea time in the journey. It is a perfect match for travels.

In view of the favorable reception of the simple and convenient take breath teapot, gift box sets are therefore launched, which not only gives you a better gift choice, but also provides you with an opportunity to travel and drink tea together with your family. A bamboo tray is included in the set to place tea set, tea cup, tea pot or even refreshments. The match of wood color and ceramic of pure color looks elegant and exquisite. With simple and exquisite package, it is a perfect design for self-enjoyment, life enjoyment and gift presenting.

產品內容:茶壺一組 + 一杯 + 竹底盤 + 一張卡片

產品尺寸:32 × 12 × 11cm

產品顏色:白色 / 陶土 / 灰


Product content: a teapot + a cup +  bamboo tray  + a  card

Product size : 32 × 12 × 11cm

Product colors : white / gray / brown

Material :  porcelain(w) + stoneware(g) + clay(b)+ rubber wood

Cuckoo 系列商品