Pinyen Creative Inc. | 2009 小紋杯
透過品研文創的創業理念,來詮釋【越在地,越時尚,有故事的台灣好品。】 以在地化的幽默輕鬆的設計手法,來呈現台灣的美學場域與文化產物。 我們就是秉持著『輕設計』的理念和在地文化一起生活。將會透過【小旅行 微學習輕設計慢文化】的方式來享受我們的好生活。
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2009 小紋杯

About This Project



產品尺寸: 9.4×9.5×13cm

材料: 瓷土(白)+ 陶土(土)

Designer : Lo, Yu – Fen

Size: 9.4×9.5×13cm

color: white / brown

Material: porcelain(w) + clay (b)

將先人在園林建築裡-賞花飲茶的閑情雅緻,能帶入現在繁忙的辦公生活中.其建築的美感在於空間的層次變化,帶入到茶具的設計上,營造在品茶的過程裡,能單純品味-因茶葉甦展而綻放的自然色澤與其空間的交融美感。運用具有溫潤感的陶瓷與清澈感的玻璃做巧妙的搭配,使其溫暖傳於掌心,茶色映入眼簾 ,氣味為之撲鼻。人們將純淨的心奉獻給品茶的過程,感覺心開始復甦了……

In the old times, individuals went out to the courtyard to enjoy the fragrance of tea while gazing at the flowers. We are now aiming to bring this sensation back, and this time, indoors.

We are able to bring this serenity and dulcet feeling into nowadays’ busy, work-orientated lives, allowing a progressive improvement in the ambience.

We took the soothing impression and used it to forge the design of a compact kit, easily portable to anywhere so that, through the enjoyment of tea, you may be enveloped in a taste of purity and calmness.

By witnessing the gradual expansion of tea leaves during the brewing process, you are able to obtain a unique experience.

With a harmonious union of warm porcelain and transparent glass, you can truly feel the warmth within the palm of your hand, smell the perfume and see the rich color of the tea.

By consecrating this refined and tranquil feeling into the brewing of tea, you can seek to enlighten your soul.

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